Name: Shadow

Age: 15

Likes: Lavender, skating, motorcycles, cats, firearms, action movies, Terminator, Doritos, Hot Pockets, pizza, Snickers, chocolate, coffee beans, tiramisú, industrial rock, drum 'n' bass

Dislikes: Foolish and selfish people, wasting time, people getting in my way.

Status: Protecting the planet...

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I literally don't care. I gaze at stars Rock music lover Slipknot! Chocolate Lover PSP Addict Nintendo DS Lover Cool Dark Chao parent Linkin Park Busy eating pizza

The Ultimate...

Welcome to my website. You can call me Shadow. This website acts as a blog and scrapbook of sorts. While I don't often partake in indulgences, you'll find some of those here.

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It is almost spring. I've found the beginnings of this season to be forgiving.

Yesterday I found a local convenience store that I think I’ll be doing more shopping in. I also tried a brand of cookies named “Marias” that I’d had my eyes on for a while. I recommend trying them. If you get them, do have them with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate.

Here’s a picture I took of the stars last night. It’s not the best picture, considering the city’s air pollution and my finger got on the lens, but I like how it looks.



Hello again. I’ve not had much to share recently; it’s been an uneventful and thankfully peaceful few months. I appreciate all the positive comments left on my guestbook.

Here's another song I’ve been listening to, this one with a fitting title for the holiday coming later this month. I don't celebrate it myself, but enjoy it if you do.


First blog post. I had an acquaintance explain to me how HTML and CSS work. For this website, I’m using this template tweaked a bit to my liking. We didn’t have the Internet back at home, so I’ve yet to learn the more complicated things… this site will likely be more customized once I do.

I thought I’d share some music for the first entry. Here is a YouTube playlist of some songs I downloaded on my iPod recently. I selected lyric videos when I could find them. I hope you enjoy these songs as well.